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August 21, 2018


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Hi, Noel! It's been a while since I read anything good on Mexican electoral machines or patronage networks. Still, I think we need to keep in mind that these networks are very diverse, not always scale up cleanly (i.e. they make sloppy and slippery coalitions), but are often available to the highest bidder. The PAN successfully stole them away from the PRI in Baja California, many years ago, and still works them efficiently.

Doubtlessly, opposition governors and federal-cum-MORENA state coordinators (or viceroys) will fiercely dispute control of the largest ones or the ones that offer control at the margin. And then, if MORENA successfully wrests control over them, there will likely be intra-MORENA fights over them as gubernatorial elections approach. This is to say that it's too early for anyone to contemplate a full MORENA takeover. More tomorrow.

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