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July 18, 2018


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I always understood the "tapones de punta" to mean leading with your cleats. Imagine a dirty tackle in soccer in which you slide and hit your opponents with your cleats on their shin(s) or ankles.

In essence it means I am committed to this course in which you will het hurt and have no way of stopping (as in a sliding tackle) so you better get out of the way.

Just to add to the comment: you should look up "plancha" in football dictionaries. It is a tackle with your studs showing / leading. It is the basis for the phrase "tapones de punta"

Sir, "leading with the cleats" makes hella more sense. And a good Spanish football dictionary is exactly what I need, what with my older kid going to Pumas matches.

"Registrá tu tarjeta" or, in less Porteño variants, "registra tu tarjeta" is imperative mode, second person, present tense. Cheers

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