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October 15, 2017


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There's really no solid proof that cheaper higher quality video teleconferencing (Tandberg ~2000) had an impact on the Concorde's bottom line by the time it was canceled in 2003.

Since 2003, tele-presence has drastically improved in quality and cost. I suspect a re-introduced Concorde would do even worse than in 2003.

What is the value proposition for a BFR with the options of both very high quality VTC and comfortable travel anywhere in under a day?

Anywhere on the planet in under 45 minutes? It does seem kinda cool, but the applications seem somewhat limited as you noted. You can be virtually anywhere in the world in nanoseconds due to tele-presence, and without the jet lag (speaking of which, what would the jet lag be like after such a rocket trip halfway round the world?).

Plus in most cases it wouldn't really be anywhere on the planet, but anywhere on the planet with a suitable landing pad. Given that some countries today are still fairly inaccessible even to commercial aviation, commercial rocketry will likely also seem flights between just a few cities/countries at first

Unpleasant but fast seems an ideal choice when your valuable underlings whose skills are on-site use only need to be delivered to a remote city quickly. Crap twenty techies into a tin can, fire them off to Melbourne. Maybe not a huge niche and one telefactoring will undermine.

The bosses can travel slowly in luxury.

The most obvious problem I see is that this is horribly inefficient in every way. That's what killed the SST, and this is worse.

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