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September 08, 2017


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As someone who's never lived in NYC, I'm going to guess:
- Streetlight colour or design
- Street nameplate colour or design

No parking sign also circa 2015, and I think the mailbox decals are also anachronistic.

Once you spot the initial error, others pop out. Look at the buildings in the background, for example.

Yes, note the window guards; that rule was passed in 1976.Also the small size of the window air conditioners in view.

You got it, JKR. In addition, all the windows are single-paned. Take any random photograph from the era; there are single-paned windows, but it would be rare for all the windowns in a slum tenement have been replaced.

Yildo got the big one. Street signs in Manhattan were all black-on-yellow back then.

You can see film equipment in the lower left corner, so it's possible that the errors will be digitally fixed when the show airs.

I find these errors perplexing. All you need is one guy to take a glance at the storyboards. Even if you don't catch it on set, you can alter using CGI in post-production. I understand that most people don't care, but it's weird to trumpet attention to detail and then show that you're not paying attention to detail.

I can report that the actual shot in the first episode was indeed cropped! They're doing a pretty good job, although it's pretty obvious that the blocks meant to represent the seedy area around Times Square are actually filmed much further uptown. That works okay for Hell's Kitchen, not so well for closer in.

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