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September 27, 2017


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I'm inclined to believe that North Korean nuclear doctrine is or soon will be a first use doctrine. To a degree, just having nukes only satisfies *some* of the requirements of regime security. If it doesn't lead to some sort of diplomatic progress on normalizing NK into world economy etc, then I think the regime will consider war.

As far as reading materials go, absolutely zero chance they haven't studied Hezbollah's strategy/tactics during the 2006 war. In a defensive situation, I think they will go to bunkers and launch inaccurate rockets. Maybe they'll use the good artillery, but I doubt that.

Terror bombing is ineffective for winning a war, but the possibility of it is effective for deterring one (or else we'd all be dead already). But that means you have to be prepared and, by all appearances, willing to do the stupid thing if the war starts.

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