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September 09, 2017


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I remain impressed by the speed with which the PP managed to create a national unity crisis, and seems set to make it worse.

So in which likely directions do you see the upcoming mess/crisis going? Could the situation deteriorate enough for the People's Party to find itself stuck in a kind of idiot loop, where each stupid action only leads even stupider actions because the the alternative is to back off?

Short answer: yes. An idiot loop is exactly the right phrase for what the People’s Party is stuck in.

I'm thinking about a longer version.

The kind of tax arrangement that Catalan nationalism was pushing for some years ago would had meant a rupture of the "inter territorial solidarity principle" upon which "autonomic financing" is based in the Spanish Constitution.

Catalan nationalism, famously lead by the bourgeouisie, is mostly about using the ethnic bait to avoid income sharing. The legitimate safeguard of Catalan culture and identity is nothing more than a alibi for most of them, as they don't really feel it threatened by Castillian nationalism nowadays. In their own words: http://images.eldiario.es/catalunyaplural/Cartel-CiU-Espana-Cataluna-productiva_EDIIMA20130902_0148_13.jpg

I've you for a left-of-center guy, correct me if I'm wrong. I think it's a big mistake for anyone on the left to unambiguously side with these people.

Are you talking to me or to one of the commentators? I'm fairly sure that I've made my opinion clear.

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