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August 04, 2017


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Venezuela is not the only issue here. The country is full of Cuban operatives, literally 1000's of them. They even control the notaries and identification services. The support shown by the military for the regime is no coincidence. Chavez spread out tons of money amongst them and gave them lots of opportunity to have rabos de paja, tolerated drug running and other antics. The Cubans learned from the the Chile experience and rapidly targeted the Vzln military to emasculate it. The G2 has totally permeated the Vzln military. Only Chavez loyalists and racketeering milicos are left.

Measures should also include Cuba. Taking out the Alba-1 fibre-optic internet cable would be one relatively easy option to make life difficult for the Cuban handlers. It was tended to give the Cuban people access to intent and defeat the gringo blockade, or at least the regime sold it as that.

Vzla has already been intervened by a foreign government.

Well President Trump hasn't ruled out Option Zero - Operation Blue Spoon: The Caracas Edition

What would such an operation look like and what might it conceivably achieve?

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