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July 23, 2017


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You know what might survive a presidential pardon? A civil asset forfeiture claim.

A President who knows he's destined for prison if he ever leaves office is a dangerous situation in itself. That's how we get presidential coups, National States of Emergency and Presidents-for-Life. If the guy can make it stick.

...Although GW Bush, like Trump, was initially elected with a popular minority, after the September 11th attacks Bush and his war plans were genuinely popular in the US, for a time. Everyone seems to realize that Trump is not that popular, and especially not popular among any US citizens you are likely to encounter abroad.

It is kind of extraordinary, though. I remember going to London back in 1986 and actually informing some people for the first time that not everyone in the US loved Ronald Reagan.

Does dictating his son's statement to the press regarding the Veselnitskaya meeting in Trump tower meet the concealment requirements for hindering prosecution if was found that a felony was committed by Don Jr. in the course of scheduling/attending that meeting?

I'm not a lawyer but I talk to them! Here's what they told me.

The only way to be sure of the answer is to dive into the case law. It's possible that Trump's conduct falls within the conspiracy 18 USC 371 to commit 18 USC 1505. That said, Donald Jr's public statement is now a record that can be used to impeach whatever statements he may make under oath. If the president dictates his language what is his testimony worth under oath? Has he lied to the FBI? Has he lied under oath and perjured himself?

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