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June 08, 2017


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federative is not a word in American English? Or do you mean it's an obsolete or rare word? Because I can find it in the Merriam-Webster dictionary - https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/federative (and it's in the 1913 Webster dictionary too - http://www.websters1913.com/words/Federative)

As for the cap...is there anyone who benefits economically or politically from the institution of the cap? In that sense the cap might be a good idea....just not a good idea for Brazil as a whole...

The measures can be explained politically if not economically. During Lula's and Dilma's terms there was a concerted redistribution of wealth to the lower income brackets. The pre-Lula middle classes did not benefit much from these programs directly and they generally feel they are unfair. These measures play well to that portion of the population at the headline level even if the substance is not that positive.

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