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May 09, 2017


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Well one possibility is a Soviet Re-Union between the present and 2049. There isn't a map of the USSR in the trailer, so if say...Lukashenko manages to get a putsch against Putin or his successor with a fellow who was willing to re-energize the Union State with Lukashenko taking the lead role...well...a few steps later, why not have Lukashenko recreate the Soviet Union? Heck he could even do it by renaming the Union State as the Union of Sovereign Soviet Republics as had originally been planned in 1991 (with that planned renaming keeping both the USSR and CCCP acronyms in English and Russian). Then you get a USSR which is still "Soviet" but not "socialist".

Other than that, I would say the next best candidate would have been an alternate history where aliens invaded in the 1980s and destroyed LA only to be overcome by a combined effort of all nations. That brings the Cold War to an end, leaves LA a desert and probably so disrupts the world economic order that Atari remains a major brand. ;-P

I'm pretty sure that Blade Runner and Alien share a universe. Although I seem to be one of the few people who absolutely hated Prometheus.

Really? There are people who liked Prometheus? I hated Prometheus from start to finish. An Alien prequel had a lot of potential; Prometheus fulfilled none of it.

remember predator is also in that universe. i need to ponder this more

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