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March 14, 2017


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Hmm...well I see Korea and Hong Kong on that list. And for EU countries like the Czech Republic and Slovakia, what about multinational companies that have arms in those places which in turn may have investments in the UK (perhaps some German based multinational firms)?

May really already has a lot on her plate. Mainly of her own doing by pursuing Hard Brexit. If the UK walks away from the negotiations and exits without a deal or if the deal doesn't adequately allow for a transitional period, then investor lawsuits will be the least of her worries as it becomes clearer that a very likely outcome is major disruption in trade (for both goods and services) and a likely steady and significant outflow of EU nationals already resident in the UK who either can't jump through all the hoops set up by the arcane regulations on acquiring permanent residence (such as requiring comprehensive sickness insurance but being told that the NHS doesn't count despite being entitled to the NHS and not being allowed to contribute to the NHS) or who feel thoroughly unwelcome and decide to move elsewhere.

I think come 2019 people will be surprised at just how complex Brexit becomes and what it will mean for everyday life.

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