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February 10, 2017


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How would Argentina offer the Falklands access to Mercosur? I'm curious as to the practicalities since Argentina could probably offer limited access to the Argentine market alone on its own, but offering access to Mercosur would likely require the cooperation of Argentina's Mercosur partners (and given that Venezuela is now suspended from the organization I suppose there will be a debate over whether such access is legal without Venezuela's approval much as how there was debate over Venezuela's accession during Paraguay's suspension).

I suppose Argentina could offer to push for associate membership for the Falklands using some legal gymnastics to get around the fact that Argentina would be pushing for a territory it does not recognize as a separate entity to be offered associate membership in an organization where Argentina as a whole (and it's territory which theoretically includes Las Malvinas) enjoys full membership. Perhaps something along the lines of the Taiwan/Chinese Taipei model.

It would be rather ironic if Brexit cut the Falklands off from the European Single Market for their squid exports only for Falklands accession as an associate member of Mercosur and a Mercosur/EU free trade deal to restore it (assuming that the UK goes through a hard Brexit with no FTA negotiated between the UK and EU). Now THAT would be one helluva British own-goal.

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