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February 11, 2017


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Quite interesting!

It does indeed seem like it would be fairly easy to do, but for Mercosur access to be utilized to make up for the loss of the EU squid market due to a chaotic "walk away" Brexit*, Falkland exports would have be to be repackaged or relabelled as coming from Argentina to qualify as a Mercosur export in some jurisdictions outside of Mercosur. This would probably tack with those countries not explicitly recognizing Argentina's claims (so probably in Latin America generally and I think the People's Republic of China, an Argentine declaration that it will treat exports from the Malvinas as local production might be all that is needed). This might include the EU, unless after Brexit the EU drifts towards supporting Argentina's position (especially as the Falklands would no longer be listed as an overseas country or territory of a member state anymore).

*and even an agreed and amicable Brexit might hold surprises like one analysis I saw wherein even a smooth Brexit that resulted in a simple copy and paste of the the EU-Korea FTA for a new UK-Korea FTA would mean cars manufactured in the UK would be subject to an 8% tariff that they now do not face...

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