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February 28, 2017


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My reasoned judgment is that the chances that the wall will be built are somewhat lower than nonexistent.

60 feet is the approximate height of the Yankee Cannonball, the 1930s wooden roller coaster at Canobie Lake Park. That's what I'd probably use as a mental point of comparison.

There are two steel coasters there that go up about 72-73 feet; that's as tall as they can go because of fairly strict zoning regulations.

Things that are hundreds of feet tall, I reflexively compare with the Washington Monument.

Still might do it. $45 billion, that's a lot of pork to spread around. Worrying about costs is for losers and Democrats.

In practical terms, it's nothing but a pure waste of money--I suppose it might function as a mild Keynesian stimulus if the construction happens through the next recession. In symbolic terms, it's everything wrong and un-American (in a normative sense).

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