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November 08, 2016


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Noticed your post in my blog just now, since certain events in the World politics triggered me to activate my web presence. So, given the occasion, I'm coming here now, just to provide some moral support.

I tend to be confident in the face of adversity, myself, though.

Let's see: black President - check.
Female Secretary of State runs to succeed him - check.
Female Secretary of State loses to self-funding rich guy - check.

You're scaring me, Noel.

For the record, this was why I called the debate a disaster, back when. See also, leaked emails showing HRC camp refusing to link Trump fascism to GOP as a whole. Even the sycophants she surrounds herself with were alarmed by that choice.

The liberal usual suspects will blame media figures for normalizing this, but HRC did a lot of heavy lifting in that regard. He pretty much called your husband a rapist, and we get "hope you go to my fact-checking website this evening, see what my interns typed up".

Shit, Johnny, you're right. I wrote a fucking subplot for a novel with exactly this storyline a decade ago. I'm not feeling better, given the ending.

What was the ending? Enlighten those of us who don't know what is being referred to please.....

I think it led to a 20-year dictatorship but correct me if I'm wrong...

No, the 20-year dictatorship was Benito Hermion, back in the 19th century. Different guy.

I don't think Noel ever finished the Henry Costigan storyline from FAN, but if memory serves he was planning to have the rich guy screw up the USM's alliance with the CNA. Sounds about right.

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