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November 13, 2016


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"While Trump’s rhetoric against Latinos is pretty amazing, he doesn’t think of them as all-powerful puppet masters controlling the US today."

No, he thinks of Jews as the all-powerful puppet masters controlling the US today, just like Hitler.

Grim thought: the conciliatory start is precisely because some of Trump's advisers read up on Naziism and advised pretending to play to the center during the transition to power.

Jesus Noel, talk about dispairing enervation..

"Despairing", dammit.

When I get back to a computer terminal after dropping my son off at kindergarten, I am going to write a reputation of this economic historian's list of parallels because the parallels are misleading and I would say inappropriate.

"Refutation", dammit.

Send it to me. I'll edit and post.

One reason the left doesn't want to believe it, other than a desire to get cushy jobs, is that this is all out there, and the guy still won.


If Sarah Kendzior and Masha Geffen are right, we may not be able to speak freely of these things going forward, and in fact we may be forced to publicly renounce our past statements and go along with a Trumpist-racist autocracy or be killed along with our families.

I've been trying to think about how I'll respond to that. It seems wrong to try to flee the country, when so many won't be able to, but it could come to that.

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