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November 29, 2016


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As I sit in my office in downtown Houston,a poster child of a city without zoning, surrounded by people in my office who also recently moved here from other places...quite a few from Los Angeles...but also from the UK, Iraq, Khazakhstan, Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil, Holland, Venezuela, Isreal..I am pretty convinced that none of them are here because housing is less expensive than in California (although many, especially those with swimming pools, are pleased that it is). It's a progressive city, all things considered, and perhaps it is my Texas pride that riles me up a bit with the idea that were it not for lower housing costs, people would naturally prefer California! My friends in Austin, however, might have a different take, as it has been somewhat overrun with Californians who have relocated, although by all accounts the Californians seem happy to be there. Not sure if the Austinites are as happy to see them there, however. I would argue in both cases, people are following their jobs. I don't really have the kind of academic argument that is generally fascinating in the comments section of Noel's blog, but I do like Texas.

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