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November 22, 2016


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Reminds me of the observation that roughly 2/3rds of the US GDP comes from the counties won by Hillary.

Cities matter. Cities are really good for economic growth. I'm sympathetic to the need to help rural economies, but we have a good solution for a worker: move to where the jobs are.

Restrictive zoning and unaffordable housing policies are bad not just for diminishing the political clout of blue states, but for freezing economic opportunity in the United States.

We'll see how the next four years go. I know people reference this administration as having the white nationalism of Andrew Jackson with the corruption of Warren G. Harding, but it also feels like what would have happened if William Jennings Bryan won in 1896. The nostalgic economic coalition has won.

In the short to medium term, workers moving to where the jobs are actually hurts the political clout of the blue states, because they're moving out of the swing states. A massive electoral lead in California gets you nothing, as we have seen.

Next census is 2020, I'll take the workers moving to California in order to boost it's support in the Electoral College in the 2020s.

Do you get more benefit from California getting more House seats/electors, or from more Democratic swing-state governments being in control during the next redistricting round? Granted, the question is probably moot since we can't control the motions of people in this way.

More generally, I think a lot of the current rot in American politics is a result of the Democratic Party ignoring state and local government to an alarming degree. California is an unusual place where they already managed to turn that around. Having a whole lot of people move there is great for them, but it doesn't do anything to fix the situation nationally.

If you follow the money it's hard to say that the Democrats have been ignoring, just that they are in an arms race and having a hard time with downballot blowback.

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