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October 25, 2016


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I've mostly been exhausted by the sheer noise that surrounds Venezuela. Moreover, I never expected the current order to allow the recall vote. Moreover, nowadays I basically take a very dim view of recall motions and impeachments. They're never there when you honestly need them (or are superfluous for egregious conduct), and they've generally have mostly been used as a means to get a second bite at the apple or to attempt to paralyze the gov't.

It's plain as can be that there is a large bulk of the Venezuelan state that views the opposition as subversives, using democratic mechanisms to undermine Venezuelan autonomy, and it is my intuition that events in Brazil has accelerated that "no" from being tardy about the recall to just plain no.

My sense is that they are determined to hang on. As for a dictatorship, one must first ask--was a democracy any great thing at all for Venezuela (if someone even mildly leftist/redistributionist wins)? One of the factors behind Venezuelan subsidy/currency mess had to do with all of the must win elections/recalls that postponed 'till doomsday the necessary rebalancing.

Whatever, I don't care. Even if the opposition had an army or enough slice of the armed forces to get in charge, all they've done is become the dog that catches the car. Even Colombia is edging away from total friendliness to globalization in recent days and months. It's tough out there.

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