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July 15, 2016


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In rural and some suburban areas there is a rationale for open carry of long guns (some prefer them for defense against bears, moose or some large cats).

Besides cities in Alaska, I'm not aware of any urban areas with significant threats from large predators.

Well, when I think of victims of US government oppression, Anwar Al-Awlaki comes to mind. I don't think carrying a bazooka would have helped him.

More broadly, careful study and frequent rehearsal of Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad Field Manual 7-8 would be beneficial to folks who carry these weapons. I remember reading about people who ran a gun store or pawn shop and were killed in a holdup. If you don't know how to defend yourself on your own premises, with guns you own, what use is there for guns in the larger case?

David French claims that he has an AR-15 for self-defence. This does sound rather awkward - wouldn't a handgun or a shotgun be better? But he says it's because he used AR-15s in the military and that's the kind of gun he's most familiar with.

David French is blowing smoke. He may own an AR-15 for all sorts of reasons, but self-defense isn't one of them. His discussion is wonderfully fact-free: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/436675/dear-anti-gun-liberals-dont-tell-me-which-gun-i-need-self-defense

And of course none of that has anything to do with open carry. Even his links discuss only "home defense."

Basic agreement with your case, but also Dave K's caveats above.

Yeah, the open carry business is pure theater. (As for French, back before gun enthusiasts lost their collective mind, if you'd read a publication like Guns and Ammo or American Rifleman, they'd note that long guns are exactly what you *don't* want for home defense, if for no other reason than that the round from a long gun will go right through your house's wall and off into the neighbors'.)

Good to hear from you, Bernard! I completely agree with Dave K.'s caveats. If you are in a place where bears a serious threat, then by all means, you should be able to carry a long gun. And the AR-15 is a very well-made and easy-to-use long gun.

To fully agree with Andrew K's statement and more:

If "home defense" is a goal, then homeowners should engage with the OCOKA mnemonic: observation, cover and concealment, obstacles, key terrain, and avenues of approach. He or she could build a ditch around the home in order to channelize the invader's approach. He or she could use camo nets and earthworks to obscure the home's profile from the air (difficult to do against thermal cameras, however), he or she could build several watch towers around the perimeter of the property to allow for early detection of the enemy, or launch a tethered balloon with camera. He or she could place mines to detonate upon enemy approach.

Really, most of home defense has nothing to do with a long gun or any other type of firearm, so it's kind of a red herring.

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