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June 15, 2016


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Progress "can" happen, but a challenge is while it's easy to say "reform" (everyone likes the re-form candidate!) the details are a lot harder. The process has gotten so bad and convoluted in the US small tweaks may not be enough, or everyone has an opinion (a strong one) on where to start first.

I'll note that I'm curious if the US is just BAD at infrastructure, above and beyond the environmental regulations. You've noted before the economic challenges to carbon capture and nuclear, which I don't think are just driven by the environmental regulations. I've seen arguments that energy utilities elsewhere are inefficient even when doing projects separated from any major environmental law.

This moved last year: https://www.nrdc.org/media/2015/150506

It became controversial, of course.

I suspect that it is more than the environmental laws, but I also suspect that the root cause is the ease at which private opponents can erect legal roadblocks.

But the academic work is still lacking; we really need someone to go through projects line-item by line-item and figure out the cause of astronomical U.S. costs.

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