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June 16, 2016


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Out Foxing-Fox wouldn't necessarily be a recipe for profits. TV networks want not just viewers but young, preferably affluent viewers, as it's for them that advertisers will pay the most. Given the, ahem, maturity of most Fox News viewers, they're not quite a goldmine for advertisers.

The Talk Radio industry has been facing economic headwinds in the last few years. Most companies are leery of being associated with anything too right of center on mass media platforms. There are a few niche areas (gold, self-lubricating catheters, scams, partisan businesses etc). That's probably not enough to support a Trump TV network. Fox is probably about as far as mass media can go before the corporate sector pulls the plug.

I expect more right-wing grassroots activism/organizing and a larger quantity and higher quality of internet content to feed the grassroots' demand for more extreme political content.

According to Nielsen, the average age of the FOX news viewer is 67, and that's a slight decrease from earlier years. Even with its post-retirement age viewership, it still leads among the crucial 25-54 demographic of television news viewers.

(Imagine a 27-year-old who watches The O'Reilly Factor. It's the FOX News show with the most appeal to that key demographic. What must they be like, someone that young who finds his Baby Boomer blowhard persona appealing? I think I can guess: it's the sports fan who gets all jingo about the local team, but translated to far-right politics. There simply can't be that many of them, though, given the average age.)

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