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June 03, 2016


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This was a predictable phenomenon months ago. It make me wonder whether the reaction to the election results will be riots in the streets.

I think these are basically the same idiots who sometimes show up at Occupy and BLM protests and try to smash things up, start fights with the cops and generally make trouble. If right-wing organizations were trying to plant agents provocateurs to sabotage social-justice movements they couldn't do a better job.

Freddie DeBoer is now complaining that it's hypocritical to condemn these people but lionize Harriet Tubman. Is there any way of being wrong that he hasn't yet explored?

So, so concerned. It isn't civil! We're sharpening the axes for you rich assholes.

Wait, are you pro-Trump or pro-attacking people who are pro-Trump? Or both?

A genuine cowardly troll! I really wonder about the motivation. I guess vague anonymous threats are a form of masturbatory pleasure?

Anyway, it's sort of a badge of honor to get one.

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