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June 14, 2016


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Sometimes the worst reactions after a crisis actually take time to build, once the noble helping-people impulses subside and the fear and anger remain. So we may not be seeing the worst of it yet.

But it's genuinely astonished me that the reaction to Trump's demagoguery has been as negative as it is; I thought people would generally eat it up.

It actually occurs to me that George W. Bush, for all his faults, had much better political instincts when he played to the country after 9/11: you don't start screaming "keep out the Muslims, good for me, I was right" like a scary blowhard; you make your rhetoric inclusive and magnanimous and reassuring, and rely on the situation to demagogue itself so you can push through a neocon agenda anyway. Of course he had the advantage of already being President.

Jesus, liberals. What, precisely, was the threat during the First Red Scare? That Palmer might not impress his patrons? That African-Americans might get to live without getting Tulsa-ed? That the IWW might organize some poor blokes and increase the workers' standard of living?

Please, tell me this was a poorly phrased way of saying the US was threatened by dipshit racists and the usual mass hysteria fed by racism, and not an attempt to imply that there were, truly, Reds Under Our Beds.

The anonymous troll is back! I'll admit, you are amusingly ecumenical, if that's the word. It is weird to imply that I think Palmer did the right thing, of course.

Why the anonymity, though? I don't understand the source of the amusement, although you are amusing!

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