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June 18, 2016


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This was a very thought provoking and amusing proposal.

Actually, you missed a benefit for the PEWNI:

- travel to the United States will become easier as Canadians are actually visa-exempt while citizens of the UK are not required to get a visa under the visa waiver programme. So they can then join the lines for US/Canadian citizens instead of the line used by the Europeans and Aussies.

As for the benefits for Canada, well they would more than double the size of their home market at the stroke of pen. They can then do away with the Governor-General as an office since the Queen would now be in the same country. Canada might also inherit the UK's UN Security Council seat and nuclear arsenal.

Hmmm...actually this would bring a whole new meaning to repatriating the Constitution....

I recall that there's been some interest in the Turks and Caicos Islands forming some sort of union with Canada. I suppose this would be one way of getting them.

Only if William Windsor can resist the syren call of being POTUS. The dark side calls...;)

Why would we want the UK? Honestly, I want to keep the British Tories as far away from me as possible.

Would you want Boris Johnson in a position to run your country? I thought you liked us, Noel!


From the perspective of the world, would I want Boris Johnson in command of a federal nation with strong checks-and-balances and a heavily immigrant population or Boris Johnson in command of Little England with nuclear weapons?

So you must sacrifice, and annex England. For the good of Earth, Randy, the good of Earth. We'd take 'em, but you know. Guns, health care, and small-r republicanism.

You know, I might waste some time on this.

> I mean, come on, you could generate massive savings from combining the two militaries alone!

Are we allowed to save money on the military? NATO's always on Canada's case for spending less than 2% of our GDP on the military.

Does this mean that all Canadians will have to learn Welsh and French in school?

Do the centrifugal forces of nationality and democracy not exist in this imagined world?

Otherwise why join together something likely to be costly to unify and then later costly to split apart?

I don't want that British mad cow getting into the US through NAFTA!

The US can just stop supporting Trident. Problem solved!

Wouldn't that be capable than giving those Little Englanders access to the resources of a country nuclear-capable since 1946 or so?

Also, mad cow. You do not want mad cow.

Make the Queen happy. Let Jamaica join.

Brexit is apparently leading way ahead of the polls. People already predicting this means a Trump landslide in the fall.

(Which is kind of dumb--the analogue to Brexit would be some much more canny politician playing Trump's white-nationalist shtick, to a population considerably whiter than the US.)

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