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June 06, 2016


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Is it a coordination issue? Who wants to be the first and only one to attack Trump? What if instead you had a way for them to anonymously sign up indicating they'd make a public statement if X other Members of Congress did the same?

Money wouldn't be the factor that flips viable GOP candidates to full throated anti-Trump status. It would be the views of their marginal constituents.

Now I suppose you could get unviable GOP candidates to play along but they'd be looking for professional perks after their their election loss not campaign funds.

Why not just let things play out though? The best person to stop Trump is probably Trump. The election is probably going to be a landslide for Clinton over Trump anyway, so why not just let it play out and when Trump crashes and burns then the GOP will see what they were really backing and might finally do some real introspection.

Logan, I assume the tipping point is Senators or Governors, not Congressmen; the latter can only offer protection as an anonymous cluster, not a named one, as per Social Security Privatization.

I'm surprised no one redeployed legislative pairing within the party as a defensive countermeasure to consolidate against Fuckface Von Clownstick. One Senator opposes him because he's being reelected in a purple state; a governor opposes him because he likes immigration reform, etc. Or the public works plus policy objective style of the old school.

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