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May 17, 2016


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A Supreme Court so inclined could rule on redistricting cases in ways such that Republicans lose their advantage in House elections. Since Republicans probably won't be able to win any Presidential elections starting in 2020 (with or without a war or recession), I think Congressional Republicans will tolerate Trump in return for another decade where they're not yet completely locked out of power.

They are probably also of the mindset that if Trump loses the nominee in 2020 is likely to be even worse as Wall Street and the business sector shift decisively to the Democrats (and waste less effort influencing the Republican primary process) and the Republican primary electorate continues to shift towards grievance politics.

The future for a GOP politician is a scary place with few potential silver linings.

Human beings being what they are, I suspect I'd tell myself that he'd surely get a competent Grand Vizier to make the big decisions for him, and that he's just saying ridiculous things about giant walls and mass deportation for show, and that the liberals calling him a fascist are surely exaggerating because that's what liberals do, and support Trump. Actually wanting to throw a general election is a big, big leap to make, given the amount of power involved.

But that may not come under the heading of what you'd call honesty.

Vote for Hillary, work your ass off to help GOP Senate candidates. Garland is the best you can hope for, I think, but you can at least make sure you don't get a more left-wing Supreme Court justice.

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