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April 19, 2016


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Googling for "Russia 51st state" brings up a lot of Russian op-eds pontificating about how US must consider Ukraine to be its 51st state.

That would mean that the Economist team messed up and colored the wrong country!

Ukraine would be less puzzling ... although it's still stretching the analogy, considering as we don't even have a defense guarantee with the Ukrainians, let along the ties with the other places on the map.

Maybe it's a "lest Russia become the 51st state..." thing.

Yeah, I suspect the Russian references are just the counterpart of all the Cold War-era paranoid fantasies about Soviet Amerika.

I thought the two you were going to mention as not like the others were the two charted at the bottom, the ones that have an outside chance of actually becoming the 51st state.

I just took a closer look at the map and Liberia is not on there. I remember 25 years ago that Liberia was on the short list for '51st state,' or actually '52d state,' as the Ghanaians I spoke to (who had settled in Liberia) were completely aware that it would never happen. I guess 15 years of devastating civil war kind of ruins your chances of getting taken over by the USA.

California will be one of those stories about it splitting up. Hawaii and Alaska will be "the last two states to join the union were HI and AK, what will be the 51st?"

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