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April 30, 2016


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Don't worry. Clinton will win by 5-8% at the worst. The Clintons invented the Sista Souljah moment when upper/middle class whites are brought on board after being placated.

My worry is how the right responds if they perceive themselves to have losing an election while facing violent protests. The next Republican Party may make Trump look temperate if the sense from the election is of a community under violent attack.

This has been my concern about a Trump or other GOP Presidency. I call it the rinse and repeat cycle, but maybe I can come up with something sexier. As you've noted, a future Presidency can do a lot to fuck up relations with Mexico, undermine their own anti-cartel activities, and deteriorate relations to the point where Mexico turns around and turns the other way on Central American refugees. It opens the door to a cycle of violence, repressive crackdowns that don't get to the root of the violence, mass protests that burn the American flag, etc.

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