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April 21, 2016


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Groups resembling the Klan are actually illegal, or operate under heavy restrictions on their freedom of expression, in many countries that we generally consider admirably free and democratic. The United States hasn't gone down that road, nor, probably, should it, but it doesn't necessarily signal that a country is some tyrannical dystopia.

This just seems like a variant of the standard right-wing tu quoque about how liberals aren't so tolerant because they're intolerant of intolerance.

(Or, on the other side of the coin, the claim that tolerance is logically incoherent because if taken to an extreme it tears itself apart by accepting its opposite. People who come up with this always seem to regard it as a novel and brilliant refutation; in practice, it's pretty clear to any intelligent person who endeavors to be unbigoted that they have to grapple with where to draw lines, particularly when it comes to intersectionality questions about oppressed group X oppressing oppressed group Y.)

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