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April 16, 2016


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I tell all men I know traveling outside of the US to simply not take any shorts.

We're all going to die of heat exhaustion as the earth warms up and we refuse to wear shorts.

Wearing a jacket, suit and tie in heat and stifling humidity is a special kind of torture. I still remember when my rental car broke in Houston in August 2013 and I slowly turned my suit (all I had for a one day trip) into a soaking pile of rags as I waited for the tow truck on the side of the freeway. I barely made the meeting but I wonder if I'd have looked more professional if I'd dressed down instead of looking like a well dressed soaking sweaty hobo.

Now that I live in Alabama, searsucker is my friend.

August+Houston = seersucker and/or linen. It's not even hot yet in South Carolina and many of us are already into the seersucker and cotton suits. Linen is for when it's really hot.

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