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April 01, 2016


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Throw in part of $100m for the deployment costs of Nuclear Sharing with Germany, Belgium, Turkey, etc. Apparently the hosts pay to maintain the facilities and delivery aircraft but NATO as a whole does not fund the program.


Maybe President Drumpf could end the B61 modernization program alongside a pullback to reduce costs... but somehow I don't think that's likely.

Cost savings of downsizing the nuclear triad? That's my pet hobby horse.

A great idea, Logan, but first you'd have to explain to President Trump just what the triad is ...

I'm very conflicted about America's empire. On the one hand unraveling America's role in NATO and eastern Asia would seem to preclude future wars in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia. Take away America's forward bases and ground wars of choice are probably made nearly impossible from a logistics standpoint.

On the other hand remove American influence and the power vacuum would be filled by non-democratic and aggressive powers in some places. The odds of regional wars would rise for a while until a new order was formed.

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