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March 06, 2016


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My impression was that The Division was really a Rainbow Six-branded competitor to Destiny, a shooter about heavily armed space wizards in a hostile-alien-infested future that nobody could possibly take seriously as a realistic depiction of anything. Presumably its scenario is more constructed as a means to a target-rich shooter-game world than anything else.

Perhaps this kind of soldiers vs. citizens thinking is why when incidents like the one linked here take place, no investigation is performed and nobody is held accountable.

This is also a problem I have with Walking Dead: Man is the Real Monster is superficially profound, but the idea that a disaster immediately causes a war of all against all is profoundly wrong and reflects a terrible outlook in general.

This goes back to the strategic bombing debates of the 1930s, doesn't it? If I remember the arguments correctly, the victory through air power people claimed that random death from the skies would demoralize populations to the point where war-making ability and state structure would fall apart, which is why I am chief warlord of Gowanus today.

It almost makes you think that Mr. Cole might have a particular political axe to grind and isn't just a videogame connoisseur.

Allow me to recomment Solnit's A Paradise Built in Hell, which among other things talks about the consequences of people's belief in the Mad Max model.

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