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March 03, 2016


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Hm. To keep the election year theme, where's the beef of this article? This looks like a write-up of officially hopeful comments at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit that just concluded.

Is there a particular storage innovation that Williams has in mind? Just skimming the Twitter feed of the summit and its hashtag, I'm not seeing anything that really knocked anyone's socks off.

Good question! Why did the Guardian pick this up? Is there a political axe here? If competitive grid storage has been cracked, it should be front page news everywhere.

I noticed the article at a conference right now where Zorina Khan is attacking the literature on the efficacy of prizes over patents.

Something strange ...

Yeah, I just saw that article today and it seems awfully vague to me too. It sounds as if she's talking about technologies that are either already on the market or in commercial development.

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