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January 25, 2016


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Could it be simple ego? (Given a choice between bigot New York billionaire and sheeny New York billionaire, who would the 27% choose?)

Dumb thought. Really dumb thought.

But maybe if he does this, it's an attempt to bait Trump into running independently? If Trump Vader loses in either the primaries or at the convention, then if Bloomberg goes at it independently, he could bait Trump into doing the same. Then withdraw. Trump's ego wouldn't let him do so; therefore, Trump ensures the GOP defeat, even if Clinton would have probably won anyways.

Will: that is imaginable, but if it's the case it wouldn't require all the preparation. Right now, he seems to be examining a run with the assumption that Trump or Cruz is the GOP nominee.

I'm at a loss. What's the ideology? NYCMT is the only thing I can think of. But that's weird, given that Bloomberg can't possibly win.

Simplest possible hypothesis: Bloomberg wants Trump to win.

Bloomberg has surrounded himself with enough Beltway insider types who genuinely believe that Hillary is toxic and is about to be indicted. Bloomberg would be the only way to stop Trump from winning. Maybe?

Bloomberg believes in himself and the bottomless appeal of radical centrism to the broader American public.

Basically, what Logan said. The constituency for this is every broken hearted op-ed columnist in NYC-DC axis who misses daddy.

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