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January 07, 2016


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linky no works

/me pouts.

Of course, the main reason I'd be interested is that I'm currently reading Prashad's The Darker Nations: A People's History of the Third World. That essay promises to be an interesting counterpoint.

We're alternate historians aren't we. What about the counterfactual posed by Lewis? What do we think about a Taft-led USA post-WWII? No US recognition of Israel, limited Marshall Plan if at all, Communists take over Greece and Turkey?

Hmmmm...I can't access the review. Do you have a link for a more accessible version?

Noel, did you ever get around to reading Katznelson's "Fear Itself"? The structure is suboptimal, but the section on the creation of the national security state is cogent and well built. So, let that bide.

I'm less interested in the first part of the equation than the second (Sorry, Logan, I'll reengage soon), “continuously put into office political leaders who sustain the Military-Industrial Complex, and who, after the Vietnam War, failed to show up to fight."

Rick Perlstein will tell you it's because of the evil magic of Ronald Reagan, but that's wrong. That said, it's interesting to watch Beltway interest in intervening in Syria (as morally serious) run in contrast to fickle public interest in doing the same.

But the US likes the Pax Americana almost as much as the Europeans like making pay for it. I suppose some chunk of that is status quo bias, but some part of it relates to the darker stirrings that Donald Trump represents: war on the brown peoples and ethnic purification at home...

Logan: remember this?


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