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November 03, 2015


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Thank you for standing up.

Also, can you explain the Colonel Sanders reference? An internet search did not help me determine if Sanders symbolizes more than I realize, or if it was a throwaway line.

The Colonel Sanders icon looks like an antebellum plantation owner, and that's slightly creepy. Admittedly not everyone who dressed like that was a plantation owner, so as a Halloween costume it's not in a league with Hitler.

But there is a reason why Don Johnson's character in Django Unchained is dressed in clothing a lot like Colonel Sanders.

So I wouldn't recommend it as a Halloween outfit.

Good man.

Props to you.

Correct to confront this guy. As somebody who has lived in Germany for many years this is surely considered unacceptable. Even in Denmark, this would not be seen as funny or spookey but simply vulgar.

My family history is very complicated on the issue, but I totally agree with you. I'd feel the same way about a Stalin costume, actually.

Some things are simply unacceptable.

Good for you to confront this guy and his wife. They need to know that what they did isn't acceptable and should never be acceptable.

If they were filming a movie or a documentary that's entirely different, but they weren't.

That they don't see anything wrong with it is highly disturbing.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for thoroughly humiliating that Nazi, Noel.

Jesus, what a circle jerk in these comments. Surprised/not surprised, I guess, since the few that follow this blog must be pretty dedicated to its proprietor. But Noel, really, you can be a huge prick. And still proud of committing assault in Mexico City for nothing more than cultural ignorance? Privilege of a rich asshole, I guess.

First let me ask you why you think it is acceptable to wear a Hitler costume at a Halloween party? That's such a weird position that I'd like to see you justify it. Without anonymity.

Your tone is familiar. Do I know you?

As for decade-old events, I wouldn't say I'm proud. You can find out the details of one of them at the links in the post. But you write as though you know me, so I assume you know the details.

Or you can cower behind anonymity. Privilege, indeed, for someone who thinks that it's unacceptable to call out somebody wearing Nazi garb to a children's party.

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