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November 10, 2015


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Oh IDK. Jeb felt like he had more energy than he has in any of the other debates. I don't think it'll help though.

Maybe. Or maybe not! As you say, it doesn't matter.

What weirds me out is that there is this well-known thing out there called deposit insurance, which Cruz or Kasich (or Jeb!) could have mentioned during their answers to their political benefit.

Will, tell me if I'm being clear. I'm not commenting that they missed some wonky thing that policy-types will care about. I'm commenting that they missing a very obvious thing that would have helped them in the crassest political terms had they mentioned it.

So either (1) deposit insurance has become verboten in the GOP, which is frightening, (2) I'm missing something obvious, or (3) these guys were not on their A-game.

You are being very clear. No worries.

I was equally perplexed about what they were saying and couldn't dwell on it when I was live blogging. I barely had time to snark when doing so.

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