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October 09, 2015


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No criticisms on my part. This critique seems really sound.

However, your note that the scenes in the book relating to hacking seem more to come from the silver screen than reality also strikes me as applying equally to the Panama Canal scene.

The attack described on the Canal is quite unrealistic as Noel pointed out, but in visualizing the scene in my head it always struck me as something that would work well in a movie - the tension, the simple yet effective action and the lack of a need for extensive background and exposition.

After you guys are done with the criticisms the book might well seem more like a film script. ;)

Great point. I think we'll respond to that later, but I suspect it will look like the following.

(1) What a great idea for a movie! http://noelmaurer.typepad.com/aab/2009/11/red-dawn.html

(2) That Hollywood will never film. http://thediplomat.com/2015/05/hollywood-in-china-selling-out-or-cashing-in/

I never bothered to see the rejiggered Red Dawn movie.

So,...no further commentary on this book?

We've been busy. This, though, has largely been my fault. More soon.

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