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October 20, 2015


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Gloating about Duverger the week before Argentina's first round....

Argentina elects the lower house by proportional representation, no? And the Senate has that Mexican-style system where the winner in the state gets two seats with the runner-up picking up the third. You wouldn't expect a two-party system to emerge in that setting, would you?

Although sometimes it seems as though Argentina has more of a no-party system than a multi-party system. It can make my head hurt.

What I don't know is how much strategic voting goes on in the first round of the presidential election. What do you think? And who is going to win?

44 seats and a shade under 20% of the popular vote went to the NDP.

It is clear that Duverger's Law was watered down severely in the process of passing it in Canada.

And Americans constantly bellyache that we have a two-party system because people are stupid and cowardly and lack faith. Usually they imagine that their favorite third party (which is either left-wing, Libertarian or some elite centrist thing) would be fantastically popular if people voted their actual preferences.

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