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July 16, 2015


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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? +1 for tackling this thorny question.

Cash on-hand does seem to be a favored method:

Though bundling the cash into political donations across both borders holds the potential of a solid (if non-financial) return

Personally, I suspect classic methodologies such as property investment and limited (relatively so) cash holdings would serve as the main method of controlling laundered proceeds.

While loyalty can be 'bought,' I would imagine that the level of income available to those willing to only steal 'a little' while maintaining overall loyalty to El Chapo is still substantial. A rough parallel can be found in artisanal mining in both Colombia and the DRC, where small scale buyers are advanced cash from larger traders and then re-sell the minerals acquired - while doctoring the weight in their favor. This is widely known within the industry, but within the bounds of 'acceptable' leakage. I would imagine the same exists within any sort of wealth management system set up by the Sinola cartel. And of course, you have the additional incentive of not being assassinated if discovered.

That or they've got one hell of a 401(k).

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