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May 01, 2015


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I've read and reread each of the posts. They're quite good. Unfortunately, I've not read enough about the War of Triple Alliance to do more than read here.

I'll second a request for a post about why Paraguay still exists after the war...

Nobody outside South America or professional historians has read anything about the War of the Triple Alliance other than what's on Wikipedia! Nor is there any reason for them to. Paraguay, far more than Czechoslovakia, merits the description of "a faraway country of which we know nothing." At least for anywhere north of the Amazon and west of the Andes.

Does Jussi still come around here? I'd love to get his thoughts before continuing.

Actually, there was a book I read about ten years ago about Argentina which touched on the war.

The 90% stat stuck with me. I found it astonishing and I was a bit dubious, truth be told. However, I hadn't followed up on it.

The War Nerd has, of course -- he had three or four columns on it. Goes with the high-end woo-woo estimates for casualties, though.

Doug M.

At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig, by John Gimlette, discussed the war. There have also been several biographies of Eliza Lynch, one novelization and then of course, Richard Burton wrote about the war as well. So it's hardly obscure.

Michael: Point taken! But in my defense, that does depend on your definition of obscure. In my experience, most professional political scientists and historians have at best heard of the war only in passing.

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