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April 27, 2015


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Agriculture is 10k to 13k years old. We've evolved since and adapted. This is also rather known.

We are not the pre Neolithic paleo people we were.

The old idea intelligent species stop evolving has been thoroughly debunked.

Awesome was in that metal becher. Pure. Awesome.

(He has seven cups. Two non-spill sippies for bedtime, two Thomas The Tank Engine plastic beakers that were injection molded in the United States of America, two clear plastic beakers which he has been preferring to take with his meals lately, AND THE FRIDAY NIGHT METAL BEAKER OF AWESOME. Awesome being grape juice, all he cares to drink. Because water and milk are fine beverages, but we have mastered the plow and the press, dammit, and when the time comes, he will be moderately immoderate, and able to judiciously tipple with the best and avoid barfing with the worst.)

(Don't get Leah started on the paleo-diet.)

No ice cream in the paleo diet, because nobody had the lactase gene yet. So, forget that.

That table, those pizza boxes: pleasant memories!

Doug M.

Eh, the paleo diet means lots of vegetables and no sugar. Pseudoanthropology aside, it's probably an improvement over the typical Western diet.

Gareth: probably. But there are simpler ways to obtain the result, without the pompous pseudoscience. Plus, my understanding (from Jeb Bush's own comments) is that his diet is working because he's hungry all the time. That does not seem sustainable.

NYCMT: "The Friday Night Metal Beaker of Awesome" should be trademarked.

Doug: Those were good memories! Come back again! Bring the family!

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