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March 15, 2015


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"Chávez was a political genius and rarely averse to recognizing reality"

I could understand the "political genius" part, but saying he was averse to recognizing reality is a HUGE mistake.

During all his presidency(ies) he was more than keen to denying reality by the numbers, as in macroeconomical indicators go, foreign political intention or public policy making. Just to name the ones on top of my head: the "renovation" of the health system, credit asignations, changes in elementary school curriculums, housing issues, even the Vargas natural dissaster etc. He consistently tried to "change venezuelan reality" and ALWAYS denyed the truth of his politics, try to undermine specialist view of his goverment, free press or international and internal opinion.

even the chavistas (whom had since his death constructed a personae cult around him) have defined him as an ilusionist "because he did not recognize the truth of this ugly and capitalist world that no one man can change" (bugh, personally, makes me feel sick)

sources to all this information can be provided.
thanks for you webpage, its very nice. =)

Venezuela has suspended the accreditation for the new ambassador from Guyana; Guyana now wants to abandon the Good Officer process and go through the ICJ to settle the dispute; Venezuela has apparently been refusing to take shipments of Guyanese rice in exchange for oil under the Petrocaribe deal and Guyana is now contemplating buying all of its oil from other suppliers instead and recently Venezuela has begun conducting exercises near the border with Guyana...

Given these latest developments in Guyana and Venezuela, are your thoughts on the prospects of a Venezuelan invasion still the same?

Yup. Venezuela just can't pull it off.

Of course, Maduro could try. His incompetence knows few bounds. But in this case I think his (self-serving) generals will advise against it.

You now it makes me sad realize how lets say non Venezuelan see us im just 14 but its like the peaple critisies(Sorry if i dont write good) with out seen them selves if you live in europe they have problems too same in us might not be in enconomy but they have done horrible things its like you see us we all are socialist like we all are bad persons iben if the goverment is corrupt what responsabiliti we have like why then do you put us like a threat we are not even close to the size of your army and we dont have nuclear bombs still you see us bad this its just for reflextion for the persons who see this. pd: you say they have líes ask see for example project mk ultra search that out

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