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February 13, 2015


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*fist pump*

In all seriously, WTF is Arnold Kling talking about? Where does the impression come from? I'm not asking if it's crazy; we know it's crazy. I want to know from whence the craziness and if it's serious inability to process unpleasant facts or just superficial pseudo-partisan posing.

(BTW, and I do mean this as a compliment, Tyler Cowen is one of the few truly non-partisan serious bloggers that I know of. And that includes his orthodox libertarian co-bloggers, who really do fit quite well into the Republican mainstream.)

Comments were decent after the first few...

I think the original post by Fonzy Shazam is not very clear, and that effectly led to Arnold Kling just taking three isolated and out-of-context points and running to the Marianas Trench with them.

From what I can gather what Cowen talked about, I'm like..."get thee to a political economy professional, pronto!"

It's easy for Arnold Kling to opine about the US not being forceful enough. He just turned 60 so it's pretty unlikely he will be drafted in the event of a "more forceful" response.

Partisan posturing, ja. But also the nature of this odd little war against ISIS. 9600 sorties, you say, but where are the statues toppling, where are the "These Colors Don't Run" t-shirts? Libya in 2011 was like this. Obama's wars are carried on with a sort of meek domestic propaganda that leaves you wondering if he was truly serious about them to start with. Kling wants chest-thumping, Bush-in-a-flight-suit speeches, Stormin' Norman trading cards, etc. I'm nearly 35, and all the wars in my lifetime were like this, save maybe the abortive Lebanon intervention in the 80s. Even Grenada had a better press.

TL;DR. For a certain type, you have to kill foreigners *and brag about it*.

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