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February 10, 2015


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Very few people are able to, or have attempted to write about the Nicaragua Canal in these terms, strategic geo-politics and global commerce strategy.

I agree with you, I think that some part, some real and rational part of the building of the Nicaragua Canal is an insurance policy.

For the Chinese government and business concerns to completely and totally rule over a Central American canal, not just to have one that the Chinese might use, that's the real game changer.

It's not just a canal for the Chinese to use, it's a Canal they own and control absolutely and completely.

Think about how much more difficult and expensive it will become for the cocaine and meth cartels to export the drugs into the U.S., that huge, drug hungry market, and to bring their cash back with the entire Central American land mass interdicted by the Chinese.

The Chinese are not going to allow the drug trade over their canal zone, and the CIA and the US banks that launder the BILLIONS in drug monies are going to be hurt bad by the Nicaragua Canal.

There are many reasons for building the Canal, some which we cannot even ascertain at this time but will only become apparent with the completion of the canal.

Good conjecture on your part for sure.

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