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February 19, 2015


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I don’t disagree with you, and as a firm pro-European I really hope you are right.

But there is a funny mood in my country at the moment. An EU referendum will only be the third UK wide referendum we’ve had. There is a possibility that it becomes a de facto referendum on whether we respect our politicians and our political process.

As Nick Clegg said about the electoral reform referendum, it became a referendum about whether the voters wanted to give Nick Clegg a kick.

Might the general election reduce the desire to register a protest vote on the referendum? I ask mostly because it seems as if the British public are about to violate Duverger's Law en masse and vote for third parties in record numbers.

I'm not in Britain, so I can imagine the post-election mood going either way: (1) protest registered, back to normal now; or (2) even greater post-election anger once people realize that FPTP has kept their votes from making much of a difference.

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