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February 11, 2015


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Here is a project for a Thailand canal!


Could be that this is just a mania, or something...like the theme amusement park mania, or the golf course mania, investment craze like that, only just on another scale. Tolerated, because if crazy rich guy didn't do this, he might decide to do something the bureaucrats like much less and cause work...

Well a Thai Canal would have the benefit of allowing for shipping in the unlikely event of all of Indonesia's waters being closed off for some reason....it would certainly seem like a better "insurance canal" for such a scenario than a Nicaragua canal, no?

Yes it would! You'd still have the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, though.

It's a weird scenario what closes the South China Sea but leaves more northerly commerce untouched. Clearly not war with the U.S. or Japan.

Well the only scenario I can think of where this would be appropriate is an Indonesian collapse scenario where all of Indonesia's waters are closed off, possibly due to piracy concerns. But then in such a scenario, the waters off the Kra Isthmus should also be fairly dangerous.

On the other hand a Kra Isthmus Canal would cut out transit times compared to using the Straits of Malacca wouldn't it?

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