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February 13, 2015


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Wait until we know the actual names arrested, or if there is a list out there, I'd like to see it--didn't see any in source spanish article. Without the names, I can't decide whether it's bullshit or not.

I do know that there have been American officials sent home for cavorting with certain military elements before, and I do know of one military official who posted tweets on how to boobytrap streets against pro-government supporters during violent phase of the street protests.

One thing I get cautious about is that in the third world, you get a lot of these thumps, the quiet ones can be significant and the loud ones merely noisy, and vice versa. This venezuelan one is a little cartoonish, soo... Anyways, putting on my Dart-Throwing-Chimp hat, it's West Africa all the way. We've already done Burkina Faso, and my crude feel is that most of these countries have unsatisfied militaries. Nigeria, of course, being the big one. The countries around the Caspian sea and the other countries bordering Russia also have increased pressures.

Recalling Burkina Faso--I could definitely suggest that coups that push back against a delegitimated government are potentially presentable as "good coups". Of course, all coup leaders posit themselves like that, General Sisi, the Thais, etc. However, a key component of lasting good will seems to be the image that the coup leaders are protecting a hitherto unprotected large population. Of course, the old guard in Burkina Faso may well strike back and re-entrench. The propaganda of identification with the masses exhibited by Chavez way back when, by voicing the complaints felt by many, and being all macho in successfully managing his protest figure--that works.

Flying an airplane and destroying stuff? Not as telegenic. Probably bullshit.

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