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January 16, 2015


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Hmm, I can think of other fictional planets, but any as famous as those?

I do think that in the Star Wars universe, Alderaan is probably more famous than Coruscant, which didn't appear in the movies until the Special Edition refits of the original trilogy.

Klingons became a big thing in latter-day Star Trek fandom, but their home planet's name was retconned to "Kronos" in "Star Trek 6", which might be problematic, since the Greek Kronos/Cronus was identified with Saturn. I guess if there's some extrasolar planet called Barsoom, that's not much worse.

I'm with you an Alderaan, but it was blown up. Of course, so was Krypton. I think the horrible prequel trilogy (of which I've seen snippets, but never an entire film) made Coruscant more famous.

(I remember Alderaan more from Hardware Wars than Star Wars. I'm old.)

So we really got the most famous ones? If that's right, we earned serious nerd points!

...Arrakis, of course. I always bounced off of Dune, but it's popular and influential.

Caprica and Kobol, from Battlestar Galactica (either original or extra crispy). Though the name Kobol was lifted from Mormon cosmology, so it might be touchy.

If Barsoom qualifies, then Perelandra and Malacandra might too.

It's geekier, but Mesklin would be a great one. The real universe's extrasolar planets seem to be more like Hal Clement planets than anyone else's.

Anyway, I suspect "under copyright" probably rules out nearly all of these, if by that they mean "in a work under copyright".

Congress is now not just ruining America, but the universe. Serious question: is there any reason not to go back to the original statute of 14 years plus another 14 on renewal?

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